Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Charlottes Panda Information Report

WALT inform others about an animal, creature or habitat through our writing.
WALT organize our ideas into the order they happened and put each idea into a new paragraph.


Pandas are one of the top 10 most endangered species for 2016. People often ask what do pandas eat aside of Bamboo and leaves? Where do Pandas exactly live in China? What family do they belong to? Well I'm here to answer your questions.

Diet and Food
Pandas eat a combination of things including Bamboo, Bark, Leaves, some fruits and vegetables (mainly in zoos), grasses, rodents and sugar cane. These foods give pandas energy. Pandas use their paws to grab / pull the food off the trees or other animals. You can find Pandas eating fruit mainly in zoos.  Bamboo contains little nutrition.

Pandas live in Shanghai China in grasslands and forests. Also found in North America and in zoos. Some things they need in the habitat : trees to climb up and sit in to look for danger. Branches and sticks to break, and and play on. The pandas sleeps in trees and bushes for protection. They like cool areas where they can play with bamboo leaves and sticks.

Giant pandas have a unique appearance.Their white coat with black markings is unique, with black patches around the eyes Their thick black and white fur provides them for life in cool forests. and ears, black legs, and a black band around the shoulders sets them apart from others. Body length 120 -150 cm long. Hip height 52 - 77 cm. Pandas have cat like tongues. Giant Pandas are in found in the bear family.

Fun Facts
Wild pandas live up to 20 years old and Captive pandas can live up to 25 - 30 years.

There are about 1950 Pandas left in the world.

I hope you enjoyed learning about Chinas furry black and white Giant Panda.

Next Step to search more information and tell the reader more description about the Panda.

By Charlotte Koers

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