Friday, 15 April 2016

Nonsense Writing

7 April 2016

Masmallow Chezcake
Goal make a mashmallow Chezcake
Nonsense Ingredients
7 bags of pink rotten Mashmallows
500 grams of expired butter
33 packets of plain crumbed biscuits
800 grams of mouldy chez
1200 mls of strawberry and chocolate milk
1500 mls of carmchoc.
5 brocolis
500 mls of peppercorn sauce

Nonsense Writing

1 : Go and get your large pot out the cupboard. Place it carefully on the stove and fill with carmchoc , broccoli chunks , pepper corn and boil continuously for 5 minutes

2:secondly plop 7 bags of pink rotten marshmallow  into the chunky mix and sizzle until melted then place in the fridge with a while goose on top for 3 hour s

3: then crush biscuits and moldy chez and biscuits stir into the carmchoc broccoli peppery saucy mash take the hard marshmallow and goose out the fridge

4: add butter to the chunky mix and stir put the pot onto the stove and simmer for 4 hours more. Them turn to full and boil for 2 hours more,

5: once boiled pour strawberry and chocolate milk onto the top and chuck out the window to the birds.

WALT write procedural text with precise language and correct structural features.




Writing a Procedural text
I need help to write Procedural text.

I can write procedural text with precise language and correct structural features if I am prompted or directed.
I use some features to write a Procedural text, but I am not sure when and or why to use them.
(trial and error – aware of strategies but not sure why or when to use them so makes mistakes)

I use many  features to write Procedural text and I know when and why to use them.
(strategic or purposeful use of strategies – knows why and when ).
I use many features accurately to write Procedural text and I know when and why to use them.
I act as a role model for others to help them write Procedural text.
I seek feedback on how to improve how I write Procedural text.
Effective Strategies:
  1. Explain what has to be done eg the  goal
  2. List everything that will be needed
  3. Number all the steps in order.
  4. Write short, clear instructions.
  5. Word Focus: action verbs
  6. Tense-simple present
  7. Style: Instructional, second or third person.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Care Values eating.


I am showing the CARE values by putting my rubbish in the bin.
When you are finished with your rubbish put it in the bin or in your lunchbox so that youré
not leaving it on the ground and littering. Because if you litter you could easily kill sea life.


IALT recall subtraction facts to 20 with change unknown.
My next step is to make more problems that add up to that number in my head to make more ways to
work it out