Thursday, 25 June 2015

If I woke up with wings

Boom Crash I woke up. I had a very sore back. I ran to my Mum and Dad."What was that horrible noise" I asked. "Charlotte you have wings, big blue ones" my Mum shrieked. "I  have what?" "Yes Charlotte you do have wings" exclaimed Dad.   

Instantly I sprinted outside into the cold spooky dark night. I ran round in circles for a bit and lifted my beautiful wings up and flew up onto the roof. Suddenly there was a huge thunderous noise it was the bad-tempered bad black witch, casting spells. I went up to her. "What do you want?" she bellowed. "What are you  doing here" I replied. "Nothing end of story" she said as she stamped her foot and flew away.

"At least she is gone now" I said proudly. We all went back to our warm cuddly  beds. We all woke up in the morning and had breakfast which was scrumptious crunchy toast. When I turned 22 I lost my wings and I got really sick. I finally got better. We all lived happily ever after in our black and silver mansion. 

Book recommendation

Walt become a better reader 
So what: I learnt about the earthquakes. I recommend this his book because it is really interesting about the earthquakes and what it looked like when all the houses were all damaged and destroyed.
My next step is to become a faster reader.        

Monday, 15 June 2015

All about space

15/6/2015       Space

Pluto is not a planet it is a dwarf planet.
Saturn has rings around it made out of dust,rocks and ice particles.
Venus is a red planet.
The moon can turn red and is nick named the blood moon.
Planet nick names:
Swift planet = Mercury
Morning star = Venus
Red planet =Mars
Blue planet =Earth
Giant planet = Jupiter
Ringed planet =Saturn
Ice giant =Uranus
Big blue planet =Neptune

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Air force museum

airforcemuseum       10/6/15
Room 5 went to the air force museum.
We learnt about the ejecter seat that comes out of the plane in an emergency.
Also we learnt about thrust,pull,drag and lift.

My spelling word practice

WALT spell new words correctly.                  10/6/15
Disappeared Disappeared Disappeared Disappeared Disappeared
 The big hairy black cat disappeared
My chocolate bar has disappeared where has it gone?

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Word work

WALT we are  learning to spell new words correctly.
We're we're we're we're we're 
We're playing tag do you want to play?