Thursday, 31 August 2017

Art Assessment

Aug 25, 2017 8:49:39 AM.jpgThis is my art. I had to include 4 things of a cultural narrative. I included the sky which is where the brothers came down from the heavens, I also included Lake Ellesmere which is an important part of our cultural narrative ,I also included Eel which are in the Lake , the last thing are the birds flying towards the sun because the brothers put birds on the land and in the skies. 

This is our assessment slide we had to complete.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Key Leadership 6


On Tuesday we swapped days with Ashley and Johanna so we did it on Tuesday and they are doing it today (Wednesday). Mrs Ward put a movie on the TV and heaps of children came to watch. Brianna and I didn't scan many books because everyone was watching the movie. But we did put all the books on the trolley away. When the TV kept glitching we were resilient. I showed the CARE Values by turning up to my job and giving my best at it. I showed the Leadership trait of Resilient because when the TV glitched we were resilient and didn't give up.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Leadership in the community 5

Choir & Basketball

On Friday I went to Choir we sang give me a kite it was a good song. We sang a song by Ed Sheeran What do I know. We did a warm up and we went up to a really high note. Later in the afternoon I went to Basketball we lost 18-26. I encouraged my team by saying good try etc. We played Sacred Heart , they were a good fair team to play. I showed the CARE values by turning up and I showed the Leadership trait of Motivational by encouraging my team.

Key Leadership 5


On Wednesday and Thursday I did Library with Brianna and Mrs Ward. We issued heaps of books and returned heaps too. We did it on Thursday because Jacob wasn't there on Thursday. I issued out  a book for myself called My Invisible Boyfriend and I recommend it to everyone who likes to read. I showed the CARE Values by turning up and showing the care values and being a role model. I showed the Leadership trait of Motivational because I motivated people to reserve the book I recommended.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Use a range of multiplicative strategies when operating on whole numbers T3

Use a range of multiplicative strategies when operating on whole numbers

I can apply the strategy to problem solving questions

The escape

A prisoner sits in his cell planning his escape. The prisoner is kept in by 5 laser beams, which operate along a corridor. Each laser is switched off at a specific time interval for just long enough to allow a person to walk through. The time between being switched off for each laser is shown below:

  • Laser One = every 3 minutes
  • Laser Two = every 2 minutes
  • Laser Three = every 5 minutes
  • Laser Four = every 4 minutes
  • Laser Five = every 1 minutes

The guard patrols and checks the prisoner each time all the laser beams are off simultaneously. Because each laser only switches off for a short time the prisoner knows he can only get past one laser at a time. He has to get past the five lasers from 1 to 5 in order. Laser One is at the entrance of the prisoner’s cell and laser Five is at the door to the outside. He also knows that if he spends longer than 4 minutes 12 seconds in the corridor an alarm will go off.

Can the prisoner escape without the alarm in the corridor going off? Yes

If he can escape, how many minutes should he wait before passing Laser One? 1

How much time will he have after passing Laser Five before the guard raises the  alarm?  12seconds

Aug 14, 2017 12:42:54 PM.jpg

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Leadership in the community 4

Choir & Te Hapua

On Friday I had a sore throat so I could not attend choir because it hurt to swallow and talk. After choir it was SML time. When the bell rang for morning tea 7/8 LM gathered into Zone 2 ready to walk down to Te Hapua. My Mum Sarah walked down with us. At Te Hapua we are in 2 groups ; Coding and Robotics. I am in Robotics with a teacher called Rob. We tried out Bee-Bots and Mind-storms. I showed the CARE Values by being a good role model and representing Oaklands School positively. I showed the Leadership trait of Trustworthy because I was trusted to cross the road sensibly and safely

Monday, 14 August 2017

Reading T3 : Evaluate Texts

My reading group for Term 3 for was Evaluate Texts with Mr Brown. In this group we completed three activities. We had to judge/have an opinion on a text. We had to say the authors purpose and what type of text it was. We had to choose from : Persuasive text , Informative text or Entertaining text. Here are three links to my learning. 

Link 1        Link 2            Link 3

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Key Leadership 4


On Wednesday I was unable to go to the library because I was sick. I had a sore throat and a headache, so I was at home in bed. I was going to do it on Thursday or Friday but I couldn't because on Thursday's the Year 7/8 Basketball practice and on Friday's 7/8 LM has Te Hapua for coding and robotics during lunchtime.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Leadership in the community 3 Distinction


We won 20 - 17 on Friday 4th August. It was a great game it was really close. We played against Christchurch South Intermeddiate School. I almost got a basket but it dropped out. I enjoyed the game and it was a fair games

Friday, 4 August 2017

Key Leadership 3 Distinction


On Wednesday lunchtime I went to the Library with Brianna to do our job as Librarians. Because we didn't have any books to put away we had to go through the Picture Books and make sure that they were all in the correct letter.  We had lots of people in the Library on Wednesday even though it was warm outside. We had lots of renewals. I scanned the books and Brianna typed in the names and opened the books ready for me to scan.  I like scanning because I get to use the new scanner. I showed the CARE values by always showing up to my role . I showed the Leadership trait of Trustworthy because Mrs Ward the Librarian trusts that I will turn up.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Home learning challenge 4 Distinction

On Saturday I worked for my Mum's boss Lilly. Her company is called Miss Lilly's Boutique Catering. I worked in the food truck caravan with Noni (chef) preparing the food and putting the garnishes on the canapes. We catered for a 60th Birthday Party and I did some waitressing, but I didn't really like it because there were a lot of people and I didn't want to drop any of the food.

I also worked at another party for someone turning 65 and the party was out in Rangiora.  Mum had me waitressing as there weren't so many people and they were really friendly, asking me questions about what I was serving.  I was able to answer them as I had helped Mum and Noni put the food on the plates and do the garnishes again.  When we got back to Lilly's kitchen we had to empty the food truck of all the dirty dishes and plates, ready for the dishwasher to wash the next day.

It was a lot of fun working with my Mum, Noni and Heather who were really helpful and kind. They showed me what to do and helped me with learning about health and safety when working with food and in a kitchen.  The main rule is to make sure your hands are clean.

I am grateful that Lilly gave me the chance to do work experience with her business.