Wednesday, 11 May 2016

My ANZAC story

Image result for shell explosionWALT view the world from another person's point of view.
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Dear Diary….
If you find this you will know about what I am going through in the Year 1915 at War in Gallipoli. Life here is terrible and the food is anything but satisfying. We have beef stew each night. The trenches are cold and muddy. We can't take off our clothes so they are always muddy, wet, cold & smelly. The only way we can get other warm fresh clothes is to have our original ones ripped to shreds. The weather here is cold muddy and wet . Rain pours from the sky making people cold and sick. Shells are exploding everywhere and the metal is cutting our clothes and the gas it’s life threatening.  Shells have killed over 1000 people. War here is bad. The only good thing about war is supper, that is the biscuits ( aka ANZAC biscuits ). Planes whizz past in the sky every hour. Bullets and shells fly past our ears whistling as they go. About an hour ago I got shot in the hand it hurt but I will live through it. I want to go back to my loving family and not stay here and get yelled at every time we get attacked.  I miss my family. Nipper the black dog is my 1 out of of 2 friends here in Gallipoli. My other friend is Carl he is supportive of me Carl   I miss you guys. The hospital smells bad and all the bandages come off too easily. Today I got shot in the hand and went to hospital I got a bandage but that just came off too easily.  I want to come home and be safe but I need to fight for the country of New Zealand & Australia. I'm terrified please help us. 
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