Thursday, 3 August 2017

Home learning challenge 4 Distinction

On Saturday I worked for my Mum's boss Lilly. Her company is called Miss Lilly's Boutique Catering. I worked in the food truck caravan with Noni (chef) preparing the food and putting the garnishes on the canapes. We catered for a 60th Birthday Party and I did some waitressing, but I didn't really like it because there were a lot of people and I didn't want to drop any of the food.

I also worked at another party for someone turning 65 and the party was out in Rangiora.  Mum had me waitressing as there weren't so many people and they were really friendly, asking me questions about what I was serving.  I was able to answer them as I had helped Mum and Noni put the food on the plates and do the garnishes again.  When we got back to Lilly's kitchen we had to empty the food truck of all the dirty dishes and plates, ready for the dishwasher to wash the next day.

It was a lot of fun working with my Mum, Noni and Heather who were really helpful and kind. They showed me what to do and helped me with learning about health and safety when working with food and in a kitchen.  The main rule is to make sure your hands are clean.

I am grateful that Lilly gave me the chance to do work experience with her business.


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