Monday, 31 October 2016

The Superflick . VS . Flea Adventure

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One day there was a girl called Everlyn Brooks. She had a brown soft puppy called Flicker. Everlyn called her Flicker because of her long tail. Everlyn & Flicker’s dream was to defeat the WORST VILLAINS IN THE WORLD… Flea & Flea jr. The fleas are undefeated. Everlyn is hoping that they will be the Fleas last enemy / rival. Suddenly a howl for help screamed out. Everlyn & Flicker were onto it. “The FLEAS! “ yelped Flicker.
So Everlyn and Flicker went into their special elevator to get changed into their special uniforms . The uniforms were bright blue with a purple SF & an F. Their capes were purple with green stripes. The heroes also have special lazer contact lenses which can into  change into x-ray eyes whilst,  the fleas were dressed in their little capes and their protector goggles.   

The next minute they were on the ground floor. Everlyn used her laser eyes to scan the area for any clues. They jumped into the Flick-car and speed off at 500 km per hour. They found their Enemy the Fleas in the green  park / playground  . Flicker jumped to the ground with her X-ray goggles on. She scanned the dogs surrounding them.
“All infected with flea powder,” yelped Flicker. They both got there injectors. ( like little guns) POW POW BANG SQUEEZE. The runny Flea calming liquid squeezed into the dogs one by one. Flea jr squeaked and attacked Flicker. BUZZZ. Flicker was one of them now itching all over , howling , yelping and more scratching.

Superflicker got out her big injector. POW POW BANG SQUEEZE. Flicker was back to normal now to defeat the fleas. POW. The fleas dodged and charged. The flickers charged and jumped. BANG. The fleas fell to the ground. YAY!!! The flickers were retreating back to their apartment when all of a sudden the heros of the day walked in without looking. The sign on the elevator said, “OUT OF ORDER.”

So Flicker walked outside with Everlyn. She grabbed her grappling hook and threw it up to the roof. She tugged on it to see if it was steady. She gathered  Flicker into her arms  and started  climbing up untill she reached the top floor. They quickly changed into normal everyday casual clothes. Together they jumped into the two hatches that go into their apartment, which chucked Everlyn straight onto her fluffy bed.  Flicker plopped onto her dog bed.

Overall good guys are always going to catch or beat the bad guys so if you are a thief trying to do something you’re not supposed to be doing you are going to need a much more complex plan otherwise the odds are pretty high that you're going to get caught.

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