Thursday, 31 March 2016

My Run Bike Run journey.

My Run Bike Run Journey 2016
Ialt write a recount of a recent event.
On Monday 21st of March 2016 which was a scorching hot day the Kauri students attended the Run Bike Run at Halswell Domain which made my stomach turn in the heat. We had to complete a series of events which were Running Biking and Running again to improve our fitness and have fun. My team was Riley Brianna and myself. When we arrived we dashed to the shade and set up our area we would stay in for the rest of the day. We lay our jerseys on the ground and put our bags as our pillows. So that we could lay down and rest in the cooling shade.

When Race 1 scurried off to their race,  Race 3 which was the Year 6s got called up to play French Cricket and Tricky Tag. For French Cricket we all stood in a circle and had to try hit the batter’s legs and if you hit their legs you got to bat. For Tricky Tag everyone was in and you had to try tag people. All the girls truced and didn't tag each other.

Eventually Race 3 came around rapidly. I approached the start line my heart was beating like a drum and as fast as a cheetah. Suddenly a pump of adrenaline filled my turning stomach. CLAP the race started and everyone sprinted off. “ Why did the sprint off not just jog like me .“ I thought to myself as a jogged past the forest green trees. I ran to the soccer post and stopped and walked to the other end of the post to catch my breath. Off I went again jogging off into the distance again. I got closer and closer to the lemony coloured pyramids  marking off the bikers with their bikes. I dash towards Riley with her bike. As she sped past me I state the words “ GOOD LUCK” to her. She whizzed away on her Silver and Purple bike. She zoomed round her obstacle course as quickly as she could. She flew past the cones struggling to come to a stop. Riley tagged Brianna and off Brianna went into the distance. As she came to the Oaklands school flags Riley and I jumped up and down in joy.

We decided to pour the compact amount of my water onto each other’s heads in a way of celebrating coming 6th in the Year 6 team race. We all jumped up and down in excitement. “YAY” we all cheered as we walked off into the cooling shade which was surrounded by bushy trees. We sat down all hot and sweaty and started to drink our refreshing cool water. Then all the Year 7 & 8s whizzed off to their race. We watched the runners run their first exhausting lap and then went back into the cooling shade. “Ahhh,” I thought to myself this is nice and cool.

Mr Forman announced over the megaphone please tidy up your area check for rubbish and come with your bag over to the medal ceremony.

Once all the medals had been handed out to the exhausted place getters we got called over to do the roll. Once the Kauri team had completed the roll we headed off back to school in the steaming heat.

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